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The Arty Teacher Ltd Celebrates 5 Years of Empowering Art Teachers Worldwide

[Bolton, Greater Manchester] – The Arty Teacher Ltd, a website dedicated to providing teaching resources to art teachers worldwide, is proud to announce that it has reached its 5-year anniversary this month.

Since its launch, The Arty Teacher Ltd has helped thousands of art teachers by providing them with valuable resources that have saved them thousands of planning hours.  The website has become a global community of art educators, who come together to share knowledge and improve the subject knowledge of art educators through informative blog posts, social media networks, and responsive feedback.

“I am thrilled to have reached this milestone and I am grateful for the support of my art teaching community,” said Sarah Crowther, founder of The Arty Teacher Ltd. “I have always been committed to helping art teachers in any way I can, and it is truly rewarding to see what they create with my resources and to receive the feedback that I do.

The Arty Teacher Ltd continues to provide new and innovative resources, networking opportunities, and professional development opportunities to its community of art teachers.  The website is committed to helping art educators improve their teaching skills and help them to be more effective in the classroom.

New resources are posted every week and can be found at www.TheArtyTeacher.com


Contact Sarah Crowther info@theartyteacher.com for more information.

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About The Arty Teacher Ltd

The Arty Teacher, founded and run by art teacher Sarah Crowther, is a website that provides teaching resources, in the form of lesson plans, worksheets and complete units of work, to art teachers around the globe. Working with artists and educators, Sarah dramatically reduces planning time for teachers and puts fresh and innovative ideas at their fingertips.

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