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By The Arty Teacher - September 16, 2019

Some earrings look like art teacher earrings to me!  This post is full of the artiest earrings available on the internet.  And when I say arty, I mean in-your-face obvious arty.  Wouldn’t these also make a great gift for an art teacher?  Fabulous.

Art Supplies Earrings!

We use art materials every day and sometimes they make really cute earrings.

What I like about these first crayon earrings is that they really are crayons!  Need to add to your shopping list?  Or jot down a phone number? No problem!

[amazon box=”B00PU2ULIO” grid=”2″ title=”Cute Coloured Pencil Earrings” image_size=”large”]

Or it’s a lucky dip!

[amazon box=”B07DT3RSC5″ grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Choose Your Colour!”]

[amazon box=”B07ZJB1F2C” grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Arty Crayon Earrings”]

I love the pencil shavings earrings below. They look fairly abstract – will your students notice what they are?

[amazon box=”B097M219ZM” grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Pencil Shavings Earrings”]

Girl with the Pearl Earring

I’ve not seen these before! Girl with the pearl earring – earrings!

[amazon box=”B09166R7ZH” grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Girl with the Pearl Earring”]

Van Gogh Earrings

I know many of you are Van Gogh fans.   A true fan won’t be able to resist these two Van Gogh styles! If you’re an art teacher, it’s great to wear earrings about the artists you are currently teaching.

[amazon box=”B08RDHRBMY” grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Van Gogh Starry Night Earrings”]

[amazon box=”B092VYF6XP” grid=”2″ title=”Van Gogh Stud Earrings” image_size=”large” ]

[amazon box=”B09PKSYK4M” grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Van Gogh Sunflowers”]

Artist’s Palette

There are lots of different types of cute paint palette earrings out there.  Are these the ultimate art teacher earrings? The only difficult job is to decide what type you would like! 

[amazon box=”B079MCW64D” grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Beautiful Palette Earrings”]

[amazon box=”B0BJ6KD7KL” grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Artists Palette and Brushes”]

[amazon box=”B0BJ1QMBP1″ grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Teachers Art Earrings”]

Picasso Inspired Earrings

Don’t tell me the earrings below aren’t inspired by Picasso.  They remind me, not only of Picasso but of the continuous line drawings we get our students to do!

[amazon box=”B083WDR4DV” grid=”2″ image_size=”large”]

[amazon box=”B08R86NLW6″ grid=”2″ image_size=”large”]

Frida Kahlo Earrings

There is a huge range of Frida Kahlo earrings on Amazon.  I didn’t know which ones to feature, so here is a link to them all, so you can decide.

[amazon box=”B0BCV91D24″ grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Frida Kahlo Earrings”]

Dali Earrings

I just love the Salvidor Dali inspired earrings below, especially as they are not exactly the same.  The colours are just gorgeous!

[amazon box=”B075FBNXGS” grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Dali Earrings”]

Pop Art Earrings

Pop Art earrings for Pop Art fans!

[amazon box=”B01DWPOY06″ grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Pop Art Earrings”]

“Oh Jeff, I love you too…but…”

[amazon box=”B0171HKUFE” grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Pop Art Kitch”]

Art Deco Earrings

Upgrade your jewellery collection with the timeless elegance of these Art Deco earrings. The sophisticated designs exude class and style, making them the perfect accessory to elevate any outfit.

[amazon box=”B0BLZJNTNR” grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Art Deco Earrings”]

[amazon box=”B011IRDVMC” grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Vintage Art Deco Earrings”]

[amazon box=”B071ZXSHSP” grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Edwardian Art Deco”]

Mona Lisa Earrings

No collection of art teacher earrings would be complete without some Mona Lisa earrings!  I just have to have these!

[amazon box=”B09B9DMRSV” grid=”2″ image_size=”large” title=”Mona Lisa Earrings”]

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

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The Arty Teacher

Sarah Crowther is The Arty Teacher. She is a high school art teacher in the North West of England. She strives to share her enthusiasm for art by providing art teachers around the globe with high-quality resources and by sharing her expertise through this blog.

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