Comfortable Shoes for Teaching

By The Arty Teacher - September 27, 2020

The subject of comfortable shoes seems to come up on my Facebook home page every few months. It seems we want something super-comfy that allows us to be on our feet all day.  This is one thing where us visual people put comfort before style.  However, I have to say, some of these recommendations have a cool art teacher vibe too.  The following are all recommended by art teachers.

Birkenstock Comfortable Shoes

Birkenstock was mentioned more than any other brand of shoes.  In every colour under the rainbow, and different styles such as mules, flip flops and sandals, Birkenstock are here to stay and a firm favourite with art teachers.

Find them on Amazom.com and Amazon.co.uk

For colder climates, Birkenstock also creates comfortable tennis shoes.

Find them on Amazom.com

Dansko Clogs

Dansko clogs are a bit pricey, but oh boy, do I want that tan pair.  I read that one art teacher wore them for three pregnancies!  Dansko was created by former horse trainers, Mandy and Peter sought the perfect “barn shoe.” They found it in a in a tiny shop in Europe – the traditional clog. They returned with suitcases filled with clogs for family and friends, and their business was born.

dansko clogs for comfortable feet

Find them on Amazom.com and Amazon.co.uk

Doc Martens

Doc’s are having a bit of a come back in the UK at the moment.  For some people they never went away.  They’re a classic, comfortable ‘alternative’ shoe.  They do shoes, boots and wonderfully chunky sandals.  Dr. Martens were originally a modest work-wear boot that was even sold as a gardening shoe at one stage but they have become a cult brand.

Find them on Amazom.com and Amazon.co.uk


I have painful memories of being dragged into a Clarks shoe shop as a child and having school shoes fitted when I was hankering after something much more grown-up.  Now I drag myself to Clarks most years at some point or other.  Clarks are synonymous with a ‘good fit’. With half sizes and sometimes an option of different widths, it’s possibly the ultimate comfort shoe.

Find Clarks shoes on Amazom.com and Amazon.co.uk

Dr Scholls – Comfortable Shoes

Dr Scholls is all about comfort and cushioning.  I’m glad Dr William Scholl was fascinated by foot ailments, as many people have benefited from this. Scholl’s built a company on the simple belief that “when your feet hurt, you hurt all over.”

Dr Scholls Confortable work shoes

Find Dr Scholls on Amazom.com and Amazon.co.uk


Fitflop have only been around since 2007 when they stormed onto the scene with comfortable flip flops.  They were a revolution to many

art teacher comfort shoes

Find them on Amazom.com and Amazon.co.uk

Crocs & Crocs Sneakers

I was surprised to see Crocs be mentioned again and again as a comfortable work shoe, but it was. They are long-lasting, can be cleaned under the tap or in the dishwasher and come in all sorts of shapes and colours.

Find Croc’s shoes on Amazom.com and Amazon.co.uk

Art teacher Kari Howell bought the Crocs below and also the letters from the Crocs website that fit in the hole.  Fantastic!

Other art teachers mentioned Croc’s Sneakers.  I didn’t even know they were a thing!  But here they are.

Find Crocs Sneakers on Amazom.com and Amazon.co.uk


Arcopedico shoes always incorporate three essential ingredients in helping our feet – twin arch support, anatomic footbed and absolute lightness.  They are expensive but this brand really has its fans.

comfortable shoes

Find them on Amazom.com and Amazon.co.uk


Sketchers is the brand I first think of when I think of comfortable shoes for teaching.  I didn’t know what picture to put below as they do such a wide range.  I bought some Sketchers sandals on a visit to San Francisco and couldn’t believe their soft, bouncy sole.  Super-comfy.

sketchers comfortable shoes for art teachersFind them on Amazom.com and Amazon.co.uk

Hsyooes – Comfortable Shoes!

I’d never heard of Hsyooes, but with a wide range of colours, soft leather upper and flexible sole, they’ve got my attention.  I love colourful shoes and there is no shortage here.

comfortable shoes

Find them on Amazom.com and Amazon.co.uk

Alegria Comfortable Shoes

shoes to stand up in all day

Find them on Amazom.com and Amazon.co.uk

Massaging Insoles

In the threads I’ve read about comfortable shoes for standing up all day, massaging insoles also comes up as an option.  It’s a good way to turn your favourite boots or shoes that you thought you couldn’t wear any more into your most comfortable choice.

art teacher comfy shoes

Find them on Amazom.com and Amazon.co.uk


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The Arty Teacher

Sarah Crowther is The Arty Teacher. She is a high school art teacher in the North West of England. She strives to share her enthusiasm for art by providing art teachers around the globe with high-quality resources and by sharing her expertise through this blog.

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2 responses to “Comfortable Shoes for Teaching”

  1. Briana says:

    You need to try Oofos shoes. I’ve tried them all and only the Oofos saves the day. Especially an art teacher with plantar factious. I was able to walk all over Venice without the stabbing knife pain in the foot. Please try these! I like the flip flops best but they are all helpful. Sketchers, crocs, birks, Dansko, dr. Scholls, and so many others just put to the side. A nurse told me to just “shut up and order them” after her 12 hour shift….and I haven’t looked back! Now my mom, also a retired art teacher, and so many others also wear these after trying. Good luck!

    • The Arty Teacher says:

      Hi Briana, I’ve just googled Oofos shoes as I hadn’t heard of them. It’s great to hear they are so comfortable.

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