Inspiring Art Room Doors

By The Arty Teacher - September 12, 2022

Lately, I’ve seen some truly inspiring art room doors posted by art teachers on social media. I think this creativity needs celebrating, so here are some amazing examples.

Art teacher Stephanie Flis create the stunning Basquiat-inspired door for black history month. I love how powerful and energetic this is, and such a lovely welcome to the art room.

It doesn’t just have to be the door, but the area around the door, that can create an amazing arty, welcome to your students. Art teacher Dena has created the paint tube inspired display below.

Inspiring Art Room Doors

Below art teacher Mr Hansen has made a colourful welcome to the entrance of his art room. The door was painted first and then later the wall was decorated with geometric shapes using tape. I love the colour choices. He told me:

“I created this during the school day on my preps and after school one term so kids could see an artist working and get a little behind the scenes of a work shaping up.”

Inspiring Art Room Doors

Art Teacher Mr Wafi created the Piet Mondrian-inspired door below. I love the way the bold blocks of colour stand out against the white walls. He tells me that it was all created with collage – simply brightly coloured and black paper. Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective.

Inspiring Art Room Doors

Art teacher Olivia MacDonald who teaches in Random Lake, WI, has painted her door with chalk paint. Throughout the year, she updates her door with messages and themes. It’s great that she can switch it up like this. However, I’d never want to rub these out!

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This bold art room door below was created by art teacher Stephanie Corin Schmid who recently posted the image on my FB group ‘Art Teachers Making Art’. I asked Stephanie how she went about it and she said:

“I used painters tape for the lines and then planned the colors around Roy G. Biv. It’s my focus this year!”

Art teacher Jane Oplinger is the creator of the inviting door below. She has drawn all the images herself using white marker and acrylic. What a work of art!

The striking art room door below was inherited by elementary art teacher Cindy Romero Ahonen when she moved from an itinerant position into a permanent position. It’s been lovingly painted!

Art teacher Sherry Thomas got her (K-5) students to create small artworks inspired by Takashi Murakami to decorate her art room door. What a great idea to make your art room door a collaborative project.

Inspiring Art Room Doors

Do you have an arty art room door that you’d like me to add to this post? I’d love to hear from you and you can contact me here.

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Sarah Crowther is The Arty Teacher. She is a high school art teacher in the North West of England. She strives to share her enthusiasm for art by providing art teachers around the globe with high-quality resources and by sharing her expertise through this blog.

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